Choosing the right law firm is important.

At Paul W. Keogh Solicitors, we have built a team that can advise you on every aspect of your business, at home and internationally. But choosing the right law firm is not just a logical decision based on facts and figures. You need to feel the confidence that comes from working with a firm of solicitors with outstanding judgement and leadership, who are unafraid of a challenge and who think creatively.

You need to feel the connection that comes from working with people who are enthusiastic and who really understand your business. And you need to feel the comfort that comes with being listened to carefully and advised in the most efficient way possible.

Clients seek our advice across the following legal areas:

  • Directors’ duties and responsibilities
  • Shareholder rights and actions
  • Company law and compliance
  • Company secretarial
  • Board structure
  • Company and shareholder disputes
  • and more…..